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We wanted to quickly firewood, so we went into it, into the growing japanese poplar.

Everyone on the internet wrote how it is growing RRD easy as everyone can quickly and carelessly on a piece of garden produce firewood for the whole year, that makes us interested.

So let's do it, we said with colleague Paul and since we are not troškaři, we decided to directly planted more than 4 ha of former pastures at the foot of the Bohemian Forest.

As we read, disc harrow to break the turf and in the spring again, otherwise it is not.So we wanted to do.But weed seeds lost below the surface and in the spring with us, despite the application of STOMP on the soil surface, all kinds of club started "vermin" that compete with our poplars.Toho do not afraid, all-powerful Internet, although one was wrong, but again can not be wrong, so up for information.
"The application of herbicide on monocot leaf is the assurance that you will again poplar plantation."
But it was a mistake.Not only that the application is problematic, since the worthy Mr. tractor driver can not see the lines well, but the effect was not proportional to the price herbicid.In the time, monocotyledons were already in a strong attenuation and the plantation has led to a landslide lebeda.Tak we gave up the fight.

We decided that our "Sumava poplar" their place in the sun among the weeds win.Hereby hard struggle will strengthen its foundation, will be stronger and more progressive, definitely not delicate, like most of those trimmed, mulched and cared, spoiled J104 and J105.

It will be tough for our Sumava (Dr.J105).