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Our offer

We offer you the experience of growing Japanese poplar, if you think about planting their own or leased land and going to collect the views of more "experts" do not hesitate to contact.We will tell you our experiences and opinions, maybe even good advice, all free, which is today do not wear much.

If you want to try planting our tough Sumava (J105), is available to you, we would say for a decent price.

Our vision is somewhere between 3-4 CZK/graft (according to the quantity), because the cutting grafts will be very cold and grog is not cheap.

If you have an interest in the pot, let us know in time (the end of April), we will prepare them for 15CZK/pot on your chosen dates.

The traffic should be speaking, be aware that we will dispatch the Pilsen area, by taking cuttings or over 5.000pcs graft or 1.000pcs pot you have transportation included.

As you can see in the "Certificate", everything is legal, healthy and under control, seed is fresh and we guarantee 90% germination cuttings.

If you are interested in Japanese poplar cuttings toughest in the CR, write or call as needed (contact is right in the menu).

For every order you get 10% free seedlings, plant passport and a manual on planting.