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Why poplar?

Japanese poplar in the Czech Republic represents the most rapidly growing tree species. It is specifically a hybrid black poplar, which is grown throughout the European continent, with poplar Maximowičova, whose origin is to the far island of Sakhalin.

Popular Japanese poplar growers belong to the category of fast-growing tree species. What do you imagine under this term? Japanese poplar grows in the first years after planting very rapidly, the annual height increment in this case can be up to two to three meters.

At the same time fast-growing trees boasts excellent regenerative capabilities of the ground during trimming trees.

Growers in the Japanese poplar also appreciate the excellent and good resistance germination because timber is adapted to climatic conditions and can withstand several weeks of drought and rainy periods.

Unlike other competing timbers also has Japanese poplar in our natural environment, pests, making it ideal for growing woody plant.

Japanese growers of poplars also have infinitely many possibilities use.Poplar wood can be used to heat a house as firewood, as a hedge or draining waterlogged areas.

Japanese poplar will pleasantly surprise you by its calorific value, has a greater calorific value than coal, although it is a soft wood, but a pleasant smell.

Growing Japanese poplar is very simple and organic, extra wood can be harvested after 5 years, flooding the house you will do that is planted with 0.5 hectares. 3-4.000 seedlings.

Preparing the fields for planting, planting and cultivation is not something one would not do.

Therefore, Japanese poplar.